Centrifugal Concentration

KNF pumps deliver precise, high performance vacuum for centrifugal concentration

Centrifugal vacuum concentrators use a combination of centrifugal force, vacuum and heat to rapidly and gently evaporate multiple small samples to either a dry or a wet pellet state.  There are many different applications for centrifugal evaporation, including:

  • concentration of polynucleotides and protein samples
  • residue analysis
  • concentration of solvent/water mixtures
  • toxicology and forensics
  • combinatorial chemistry
  • food/environment analytics

Because of the nature of the solvents used, a chemically-resistant pump, with good tolerance to condensates, is recommended.

Choose your pump according to the flow rate and vacuum required

Not sure which pump to choose? Ask for a demo, and discover the KNF Lab difference for yourself.