Rotary evaporation

Tailored rotary evaporation solutions for gentle, efficient solvent removal

Rotary evaporation is commonly used in many different fields, such as the pharma, flavor and fragrance, chemical, petrochemical and agricultural industries, as well as organic chemistry, microbiology and academia. This gentle yet efficient means of removing solvents from samples delivers reproducible results with short processing times, and is ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • concentration of solutions and suspensions 
  • crystallization or recrystallization
  • solvent distillation and recycling
  • chemical synthesis

KNF’s extensive range of diaphragm vacuum pumps perfectly complements its complete vacuum pump systems and laboratory rotary evaporators, enabling a wide variety of solvents and applications to be accommodated. Choose from a wide selection of pumps and vacuum pump systems, as well as both entry level and advanced rotary evaporators.

KNF pumps, vacuum pump systems and rotary evaporators are designed to be chemically resistant.


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