Vacuum Ovens

KNF pumps offer outstanding chemical and condensate compatibility

Vacuum ovens are designed to remove humidity at temperatures up to 300 °C, and are used for many applications, including:

  • drying pharmaceutical preparations, paper, rubber, ceramics and textiles
  • curing, vacuum embedding and plating applications
  • chemical resistance studies 
  • moisture determination.

The choice of pump will depend on the size of the oven and the length of the drying period; self-drying pumps are recommended, allowing the pump to operate for extended periods of time without any loss of vacuum.

KNF offers a choice of patented self-drying pumps suitable for vacuum ovens, combining outstanding chemical and condensate compatibility with fast evacuation of large quantities of vapor, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods of operation.

Tailor your pump to the size of your oven

Not sure which pump to choose? Ask for a demo, and discover the KNF Lab difference for yourself.